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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Bleach Quotes and Sayings

Bleach Quotes

"We stand in awe before that which can not be seen... And we respect, with every fiber, that which can not be explained."- Rukia, (And so fell the sword of fate...) opening words of Bleach

"You nuts?! What kind of sick twisted freak attacks his own son while he laying there sleeping?!"-Ichigo, Bleach

"Isn't she awfully happy for someone visiting a grave?"-Karin, Bleach

(yelling at her pager on the ground) "Urahara! Why don't you ever pick up when I call you in emergencies like this? You call yourself a business man! Then why do you show up when you're not wanted, and then when I really need you, you won't answer?!"- Rukia, Bleach

"Orihime has both brains and boobs. It's just not fair."- Michiru, Bleach

"You'll find that Ichigo has an uncanny knack for forgeting people's faces, and the names to go with them."-Tatsuki, Bleach

"Thankfully, Keigo's a total idiot."-Ichigo, Bleach

"I'm so disappointed, Ichigo. So very disappointed... Sadly, your sword exibits only fear. When you counter, it's because you fear being killed. When you attack, you fear killing. And when you try to protect someone, you fear you could let them die. At this point, the only thing your sword speaks of is senseless fright. And that's not good. What you do not need in battle, is fear. Nothing will come of it. When you counter, you don't let them cut you. When you protect someone, you don't let them die. When you attack, you kill. Understand? Can't you see? My sheer resolve to kill you is reflected in my sword."-Urahara, Bleach
"Abandon your fear. Turn and face him. Don't give an inch. Now, Ichigo, advance! Never stop! If you retreat, you will age. Be afraid, and you'll die."-Zangetsu, Bleach

"That wasn't very nice. I do believe you've killed my hat."-Urahara, Bleach

"Arrogance destroys the footholds of victory."-Byakuya, Bleach

"When you're up high, all the stuff that looks confusing and messed up... suddenly becomes crystal clear."- Senna, Bleach Movie 1: Memories of Nobody

"Whatever she is, it doesn't change the fact that she's here now. She still experiences anger, happiness and pain."- Ichigo, Bleach Movie 1: Memories of Nobody

"Authority never goes anywhere without fanfare."-Hitsugaya, Bleach Movie 2: Diamond Dust Rebellion

"How pathetic. I'll "resuscitate" him." *blows on his hand* "Wake the hell up Ichigo, you wuss!" *punches Ichigo... hard* -Renji, Bleach Movie 2: Diamond Dust Rebellion

"This is completely backwards, Kyouraku. I'm the one who's always sick in bed. But now..."-Ukitake, Bleach Movie 2: Diamond Dust Rebellion

"Because he attained so much power, he could only be controlled by it. And in the end, maybe his only option was to destroy himself."- Ichigo, Bleach

"Kariya sought the power to change his fate. What I sought was... a turn of fate."- Ichigo, Bleach

"Revolving. And each time it's touched by the light of the sun and moon... The world is always changing into something new."- Ichigo, Bleach

"Revolving... If fate is a wheel, we are the cogs that drive it. We have no choice but to believe that this wheel is flawless and forge on ahead. The power of the individual cogs and their destinations... And the blade that is brought down upon them."- Rukia, Bleach

"Hey... whoever just called me bald, get over here!"-Ikkaku, Bleach

"Shut up. Don't talk and keep running!"-Rukia, Bleach

"It's been a while! Or something like that."-Rukia, Bleach

"Training hard, risking your life... what's the difference?"-Urahara, Bleach

"Those who are left behind in a fight or are in the way aren't the ones who lack power. They're the ones who lack resolve."-Rukia, Bleach

"It doesn't matter what people say you should be. What's important is how you want to be."-Hachi, Bleach

"There were a lot of things I wanted to do. I wanted to become a teacher, and an astronaut, and a baker... I wanted to go to a bunch of different donut shops and ask for one of everything! And I wanted to tell the ice-cream man to give me one of everything, too! I wish I could have five different lives! Then I could have been born in five different towns, and eaten five lifetime's worth of food, and had five different careers, and... fallen in love with the same person, five times."-Orihime, Bleach

"When people constantly show their affection for you, you start taking it for granted. If you don't realize how much they care for you until they're gone, you'll only be left with regret and remorse."- Orihime, Bleach

"If you want revenge, do it on your own! Don't draw innocent people into it!"-Ichigo

"Ya gotta wonder about someone who'd be dumb enough to follow a person as crazy as he is. Wait, I think I just insulted myself."- Ganju, Bleach

"We are taught never to shed tears. For to shed tears means that the body has been defeated by emotion. And, to us, that simple act of crying proves, without question, that the existence of emotion is nothing but a burden."- Rukia, Bleach

"Quit it. Stop whining. Unless you're able to activate your powers at will, you will die, like a dog, in the Soul Society."- Yoruichi, Bleach

"Think about it this way: a person picks up a sword when he's trying to protect something. Perhaps it's your life or your social status, maybe a reputation, a loved one, or personal beliefs. The movites may be completely different, but in the end, it's the same desire to protect something."- Yoruichi, Bleach

"Did I just get nick-named Pencil?"- Uryuu, Bleach

"I've breathed enough sewer air to gag a hippo!"- Ganju, Bleach

"If you two are gonna goof off, try not to be so obvious about it."-Ikkaku, Bleach

"Hey there, big butterfly, come here and check out these anntenai. I'm a pieces with double-D buttercups!"- Rikiji, Bleach

"Desiring power is dangerous."-Koga, Bleach

"It seems that I was born under a star that forces me to watch young people, with futures ahead of them, die."-Koga, Bleach

"A battle without risk is simply a child's quarrel."-Kariya, Bleach

"A grounded bird is nothing more than dinner."-Izuru Kira, Bleach

"Warriors aren't supposed to beg for their lives."-Izuru Kira, Bleach

Squad Four member 1: "Urrhrh... This hang-over is killing me."
Squad Four member 2: "Dumbass, I drank more than you, and I feel fine. It's your smoking that makes you feel like crap every morning."
Squad Four member 1: "Aghh! Shut up! I didn't here you give me crap like that yesterday, after I kicked your ass. Want some more?!"
Squad Four member 2: "Yeah? Come on! Bring it! Draw your sword, you arrogant little punk, and I'll polish you off and sweep ya off with the trash!"
Squad Four member 1: "Polish me off? Who the hell talks like that anymore?! You better get ready to die, old man!"
Squad Four member 2: "Grrhr... Hm?"
Squad Four member 1: "Huh?"
Squad Four member 2: "What the hell kind of sound is that?"
(Kenpachi Zaracki comes flying around a corner, running at full speed)
Both Squad Four members, hella scared: "Gaahhh! Good morning, Captin Zaraki! What a surprise! Thanks for giving us the honor of sweeping the streets for you!"
Ikkaku: "If you two are gonna goof off, try not to be so obvious about it."
(forgot his name, Squad 11's fifth seat): "And you better get this street clean enough to eat off of, or I'll kill you both."
Maki-Maki: "You heard 'em, men. Keep up the good work if you wanna live! Hoo-heh heh heh!"
(Uruuyu's butterfly quote)
(ugly under cool bandages quote)
(Yoruichi's instinct quote)
(Renji with Ichigo's just swore it quote)
Elder of West Rukon: "Quite a mess. This is just as I expected." (sips his tea)
Uruyuu: "Come on! This is no time to just sit there drinking tea! Just tell us who the guy is!"
Ganju: "Are you kidding me? You really don't know who I am?"
Uruyuu: "No, I don't."
Orhime: "Me, neither."
Chad: "No."
Ichigo: "I don't wanna know."
Ganju: "Heh. Then that settles it. Let me introduce myself. My given name is Ganju! The self-proclaimed Deep Red Bullet of West Rukon! And self-proclaimed, but universally acknowledged, Boss-Man of West Rukon! And finally... The self-proclaimed #1 Soul Reaper Hater of West Rukon!"
Ganju: "Why, you...! You punched my ruggedly handsome face! Not once, but twice!"
Ichigo: "Actually, the second time around it was a kick, you idiot!"
Zangetsu: "Abandon your fear. Turn and face him. Don't give an inch. Now, Ichigo, advance! Never stop! If you retreat, you will age. Be afraid, and you'll die. NOW SHOUT OUT MY NAME!"
Ichigo: "ZANGESTU!"
Ganju: "You can kiss my ass!"
Yumichika: "An ugly thought... That's truly ugly."
Byakuya: "This twisted spritual pressure... that white mask... Are you a Hollow?"
Ichigo's inner Hollow: "Who cares? I don't have to tell you anything, because as soon as I'm finished with you, you're going to-"
Ichigo: "Disappear!"
Renji: "I had to come in and check on the prisoner. Is she still insubordanite and difficult?"
Rukia: "I'm not insubordanite."
Renji: "If your not insubordanite, then why do you refuse to eat?"
Rukia: "Maybe I'm just not hungry. Does that bother you, Mr. Lieutenant?
Renji: "Oh, so you resent that I'm the Lieutenant now, is that it? I can hear it in the tone of your voice!"
Rukia: "Hit a nerve, did I? Well, don't worry Mr. Officer. Now you have the rank, and the pompous additude, and weird eyebrows to go with it!"
Hanataro: "I am Hanataro Yamata."
Ichigo and Ganju (at the same time): "Dude, that name is so lame."
Hanataro: "What are you talking about? I like my name, and it most certainly is not lame."
Ichigo: "Well, you're wrong. Where I come from, 'hana' means 'flower', and there's nothing lamer than that. You might as well call yourself Blossom."
Yuzu: (sighs) "Boy, we're never gonna get to the top!"
Karin: "Speak for yourself. This hill's no problem. And, please, don't let Dad hear you say that."
Isshin (Ichigo's Dad): "You can do it, Yuzu! Hang in there! You see? Dad's on your side!"
Karin: "Now you did it. Just ignore him, or else he'll never stop. Giving guys like him attention only encourages them."
Isshin (Ichigo's Dad): "You're wrong about that. I'm automatically encourged eve if you ignore me!"
Karin: "Someone's up there already."
Yuzu: "Wow, she had to climb up there pretty early to beat us to the top."
Karin: "Uh-huh! Although... Isn't she awfully happy for someone visiting a grave?"
Rangiku: "I knew this would happen."
Renji: "Yup. This guy always needs looking after."
Ikkaku: "Well, if someone stuck their cowardly face out like that, I'd wanna do that, too."
Rangiku: "Really? Even as sullen as he was, he looked pretty excited by all that."
Yumichika: "What?! He wasn't excited at all!"
Rangiku: "I didn't ask for your opinion, did I, Yumichika?"
Yumichika: "So who are you seeking agreement from? Ikkaku?"
Ikakku: "Don't drag me into this!"

Bleach moves, chants, 'n stuff:

Head Captin and Squad 1 Captin, Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryusai:
(sword: Ryujin Jakka), (Zanpakuto Shikai release: "All things in the universe turn to ashes... Ryujin Jakka!"), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name:), (Zanpakuto Bankai release:), (Ryujin Jakka's description by Ukitake: ),

(Squad 1) Lieutenant Chojiro Sasakiba:
(Zanpakuto: Gonryomaru), (Zanpakuto Shikai release: "Bite, Gonryomaru."), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name:),

(Squad 2) Lieutenant Marechiyo Yoshiayamenosuke Nikkataroemon Oomaeda:
(Zanpakuto: Gegetsuburi), (Zanpakuto Shikai release: "Crush him! Gegetsuburi!"), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name:),

Squad 2 Captin and Commander of the Stealth Forces, Soi Fong:
(Zanpakuto: Suzumebachi), (Zanpakuto Shikai release: "Sting all enemies to death, Suzumebachi." ), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name: Hornet), (Zanpakuto Bankai release:), (meaning of Bankai's release name: ), (the Zanpakuto description by Soi Fong: ), (original name: Fon Shaolin)

Squad 3 Lieutenant, but recently pushed back to third seat, Izuru Kira:
(Zanpakuto: Wabisuke), (Zanpakuto Shikai release: "Raise your head, Wabisuke!"), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name: Apologizer), (the Zanpakuto description by Izuru: "Whatever my sword cuts becomes twice as heavy. It doubles with each strike, and continues doing so indefinitely... until finally, the person I fight can no longer left the weight. They kneel helplessly on the ground, head bowed down, as if they were in pentatence. Thus the name Wabisuke.")

Squad 4 Captin Retsu Unohana:
(sword: Minazuki), (sword Shikai release:), (meaning of sword's name:), (sword Bankai release:), (meaning of Bankai's release name: )

Squad 4 Lieutenant Isane Kotetsu:
(sword: Itegumo), (sword Shikai release: "Now, rise! Itegumo!"), (meaning of sword's name:),

Squad 5 Lieutenant Momo Hinamori:
(Zanpakuto: Tobiume), (Zanpakuto Shikai release: "Tobiume, Deflect!"), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name:),

Squad 6 Captin Byakuyu Kuchiki:
(Zanpakuto: Senbonzakura), (Zanpakuto Shikai release: "Scatter, Senbonzakura."), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name:), (Zanpakuto Bankai release- level 1: "Scatter, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi."), (meaning of Bankai level 1's release name: Vibrant Display of 1000 Cherry Blossoms), (Zanpakuto Bankai release- level 1 description by Byakuya: ) (Zanpakuto Bankai release- level 2: "Senkei Senbonzakura Kageyoshi"), (Zanpakuto Bankai release- level 3, the final form: "Shukei Hakutaken"), (the Zanpakuto description by Renji: ),

Squad 6 Lieutenant Renji Abarai:
(Zanpakuto: Zabimaru), (Zanpakuto Shikai release: "Roar, Zabimaru! Now open your eyes, see what lies before you... and fall upon your prey!"), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name: Baboon King), (Zanpakuto Bankai release: "Hihio, Zabimaru!"), (meaning of Bankai's release name: Cry out, Zabimaru)

Squad 7 Captin Sajin Komamura:
(sword: Tengen), (meaning of sword's name:), (sword Shikai release:), (sword Shikai ability:), (sword Bankai release: Kokujyoutengenmyouou), (meaning of Bankai's release name: King of black armor)

Squad 8 Captin Syunsui Kyoraku:
(sword: Katen Kyokotsu), (meaning of sword's name: ), (sword Shikai release: "Flower wind rage, and flower god roar! Heavenly wind rage, and heavenly demon snear! Katen Kyokotsu."), (sword Shikai ability:), (sword Bankai release:),

Squad 10 Captin Toushiro Hitsugaya:
(Zanpakuto: Hyourinmaru), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name: Ice Ring), (Zanpakuto Shikai release: "Reign over the frosted frozen sky, Hyourinmaru!"), (Zanpakuto Shikai ability:), (Zanpakuto Bankai release: Daiguren Hyourinmaru), (meaning of Bankai's release name: Great Crimson Ice Ring), (the Zanpakuto description by Izuru: )

Squad 10 Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto:
(Zanpakuto: Haineko), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name: Ash Cat), (Zanpakuto Shikai release: "Roar, Haineko!" (dub)/"Growl, Haineko!" (sub)), (Zanpakuto Shikai ability:)

Squad 11 Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi:

Squad 11's 3rd Seat, Ikkaku Madarame:
(Zanpakuto: Houzukimaru), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name:), (Zanpakuto Shikai release: "Extend, Houzukimaru!"), (Zanpakuto Shikai ability:), (Zanpakuto Bankai release: Ryuumon Houzukimaru), (meaning of Bankai's release name: Dragon's Crest, Demon Light)

Squad 11's 5th seat, Yumichika Ayasegawa:
(Zanpakuto: ), (meaning of Zanpakuto's true name: Azure Peacock), (Zanpakuto's Nickname: Fukikujaku), (meaning of Zanpakuto's nickname: Wisteria Peacock), (Zanpakuto Shikai release: "Bloom for me, Fukikujaku!"), (Zanpakuto Shikai ability:), 

Mayuri Kurosuchi:
(Zanpakuto: Ashisogi Jizou), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name:), (Zanpakuto Shikai release:), (Zanpakuto Shikai ability:), (Zanpakuto Bankai release:), (meaning of Bankai's release name: )

(Zanpakuto: ), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name:), (Zanpakuto Shikai release: "All waves rise now and become my shield, Lightning ??????????), (Zanpakuto Shikai ability:), (Zanpakuto Bankai release:), (meaning of Bankai's release name: )

(Zanpakuto: Benishidare), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name: Weeping Crimson Bough), (Zanpakuto Shikai release: "Blossom madly, Benishidare!"), (Zanpakuto Shikai ability:),

(Zanpakuto: Mirokumaru), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name:), (Zanpakuto Shikai release: "Call forth the twilight, Mirokumaru!"), (Zanpakuto Shikai ability:), (Zanpakuto Bankai release:),

(Zanpakuto: ), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name:), (Zanpakuto Shikai release:), (Zanpakuto Shikai ability:), (Zanpakuto Bankai release:), (meaning of Bankai's release name: )

(Zanpakuto: ), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name:), (Zanpakuto Shikai release:), (Zanpakuto Shikai ability:), (Zanpakuto Bankai release:),

(Zanpakuto: ), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name:), (Zanpakuto Shikai release:), (Zanpakuto Shikai ability:), (Zanpakuto Bankai release:), (meaning of Bankai's release name: )

Gin Ichimarau:
(Zanpakuto: ), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name:), (Zanpakuto Shikai release:), (Zanpakuto Shikai ability:), (Zanpakuto Bankai release:), (meaning of Bankai's release name: )

Kaname Tousen:
(Zanpakuto: ), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name:), (Zanpakuto Shikai release:), (Zanpakuto Shikai ability:), (Zanpakuto Bankai release:), (meaning of Bankai's release name: )

Kisuke Urahara:
(Zanpakuto: Benihime), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name: Red Princess), (Zanpakuto Shikai release:), (Zanpakuto Shikai ability:), (Zanpakuto Bankai release:), (meaning of Bankai's release name: )

Squad 13 member, Rukia Kuchiki:
(Zanpakuto: ), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name:), (Zanpakuto Shikai release:), (Zanpakuto Shikai ability:),

Ichigo Kurosaki:
(Zanpakuto: Zangetsu), (meaning of Zanpakuto's name:), (Zanpakuto Shikai release: none- Zangetsu is always in it's released state), (Zanpakuto Shikai ability: Getsuga Tenshō!), (Zanpakuto Bankai release: Bankai! Tensa Zangetsu.), (meaning of Bankai's release name: Heavenly Chains Slicing the Moon)

Kido Spells:
"Disintegrate! You black dog of Rondaneeni! Look upon yourself with horror, and then claw out your own throat... Bakudo #9 - Strike!"

"Ruler! The mask of blood and flesh, all things of the universe that fly! That which makes all! In the name of truth and temperence, dig your claws into the wall of sinless dreams... Bakudo 33 - Pale Fire Crack!"

"Hearts of the south, eyes in the north, fingertips of the west, heels of the east... Gatherer holding the wind, scatter sweeping the rains... Bakudo 58 - Kakushisuijaku! 31, 64, 83, 97... I have pin-pointed where they went!"

"Black and white net, twenty sect bridge, sixty-six crowning sea tore... The prince, distant thunder, sharp arrow rotating land over knight, sea of clouds, pale soldiers! Form a circle, then charge through the heavens! TENTEI KURA!"

"My right hand is the stone that bridges worlds. My left hand is the blade that binds reality. The black haired shepherd is hung from a chair. Stratus clouds come, and I strike down the ibis!"

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